Why ePrep?

Our Proven Methodology

ePrep study programs employ a proven, results-driven methodology of (1) test, (2) grade, (3) review and (4) repeat. Contrary to popular belief, there are no short-cuts, quick fixes or magic wand solutions to a high ACT and SAT score. Any student willing to put in the practice and review can significantly increase their test score. Just ask our past students who have raised their scores 2 points (ACT) 200 points (SAT) on average – ePrep works. Saying "you make your own breaks" applies to the SAT and most standardize tests.

ePrep understands you have a busy schedule, so we won’t waste your time teaching you basic concepts you already know in a classroom setting. Instead, you immediately take practice tests under timed conditions (online or offline), grade your answers, and review the questions you missed or skipped with expert instruction. We adaptively recommend and provide subject lessons for review based on your practice test performance. Time and time again, our experience has proven if you follow these steps, your score will increase - guaranteed.

How ePrep works?

Show Me vs. Tell Me

Practice / Grade

You’re in the driver seat – choose whether you would like to take the test online or offline. With a beautiful online interface (fully tablet compatible) and easy to use offline experience, ePrep let’s you decide how you prepare for the test. Get instant feedback on your score, correct answers, incorrect answers, and more!


We have video lessons from an expert tutor for EVERY SINGLE question within the program. That’s right, thousands of videos from an expert tutor showing you, instead of telling you, how to properly approach each and every question come test day. We track your individual progress so you know exactly what stage of the review process you’re in. We identify your areas of weakness and offer remediation. ePrep helps you to stay focused on raising your test score.


Watch the videos as many times as you want. Rewind. Pause. Watch them again. It’s your test prep world. With up to 6 full length tests you can engage in hundreds of hours of expert tutor instruction whenever you want, wherever you want, as often as you want. Go through an entire test all at once or review one question at a time, ePrep keeps it simple.


What is ePrep?

Your guide to the best score

ePrep is a unique online study program that offers the benefits of expert private tutoring at an affordable cost. We are the test prep solution for your busy schedule. On the go or in between football practice and ASB meetings, ePrep provides a fast, simple, effective way to prepare for the big test day. We’re your partner in the test prep journey.

In its simplest form, ePrep is an online program that allows you to take full length exams with instant feedback. After you’ve completed the tests online or offline, ePrep instantly grades your tests and provides video lessons from an expert tutor for every single test question. If you want more, we provide more video lessons that drill deeper into the core concepts covered on the exams. A fully integrated calendar feature helps you stay on track and a suite of reports shows the areas you can increase your score in the fastest.

Who is ePrep?

Karl Schellscheidt

Chief Executive Officer

Karl is the President, the CEO, and a co-founder of ePrep, Inc. Based on 25+ years of teaching and private tutoring experience, he led the development of ePrep's unique video-based platform that uses the Internet to deliver expert video instruction to students around the world. Karl graduated from Princeton University in 1990 with a BSE in Civil Engineering and from Seton Hall University in 1993 with a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education. After graduate school, Karl served as an Environmental Science Instructor for the Office of Continuing Education at Rutgers University. Karl also taught, coached, and served as a dorm parent at The Hun School of Princeton from 1994 to 1997. In 2000, Karl earned a law degree from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. He worked as a corporate lawyer for Dechert LLP until 2002. Karl lives in Rocky Hill, New Jersey, with his wife and three children.

John E. Dziadzio


John has served as the Head of Business Development since 2008. John graduated with honors from Princeton University in 1992 with an A.B in Economics. He then spent over 16 years at Lehman Brothers and, subsequently, Barclays Capital in various leadership roles across Fixed Income and Capital Markets. John has co-founded and helped grow various technology companies in the education space, including ePrep, Betterton College Planning and AthletePrep. He lives in Bernardsville, New Jersey with his wife and four children.

Kathy Doyle

Director of Curriculum

Kathy is ePrep’s Director of Curriculum. She is responsible for coordinating the contributions of ePrep’s subject-matter experts in designing the company’s study programs. Kathy graduated from Princeton University in 1993 with an AB from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy. Following graduation, she worked as a business consultant for Andersen Consulting where she specialized in developing training curricula for large corporations. In 1995, Kathy received a Rotary International Scholarship to the University College Cork, Ireland, where she completed a Master’s degree in English. After three years in Cork, Kathy returned to Princeton University, where she worked at the Alumni Office designing educational travel and home-study programs for alumni. In 2001, she decided to return to the for-profit sector, working as a director of sales and marketing for Beacon Management Corporation, an investment manager. Kathy lives in Hopewell, New Jersey, with her husband and three children.

Thomas Melum

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas is an experienced entrepreneur. At 18 he started his first business, Slap Hands Entertainment, while playing power forward for his college basketball team on scholarship. After graduating, he launched a non-profit, Don't Worry Be Happy, in memory of his brother-in-law, raising money for brain cancer research. Recently, in his spare time, he created the world’s first ever standing wave bodysurfing competition at the San Diego Wavehouse, Wompton. He has a BA in communications from Chapman University and lives in Southern California with his wife, three children and two gigantic English Mastiffs.

Julio Schneider

Chief Technology Officer

Julio is an experienced Director of Software development with over 12 years in the field. He has lead projects for the Mayor of his home town in Curitiba Brazil as well as several companies in the private sector; most notably Eudora. As a bilingual self-taught developer, he prides himself on his broad knowledge of both technological and business domains. He has a passion for learning and creating simple yet comprehensive experiences for the end user. Currently living in Brazil, he hopes to one day perform on the Superbowl half-time.